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What Does Your House Number Mean in Numerology Theory?

Home is where the good fortune is.

By Rachel Silva and Amy Preiser

When it comes to creating a harmonious living space, there is nothing some people won’t do for peace of mind, whether that entails rearranging furniture for a feng shui–approved domain, or bringing in a spirit medium to cast out guests who have overstayed their welcome. But if you ask any numerologist, the numbers attached to your house can reveal more about your domicile’s innate personality than any home decor interventions.

Rooted in ancient Greek culture, specifically the teachings of mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, numerology suggests that there’s a mystical connection between numbers and coinciding events or, more specifically, places. Housing numerology, then, finds links between certain numbers associated with a house and its personality—or, as numerology expert and Mind, Body, Home author Tisha Morris likes to put it, “all around energy.” “I’ve found numerology to be one of the most powerful indicators of the energy of a home and thus how it will affect its occupants,” says Morris. “When looking for a new home, it’s the first consideration I take into account.”

But in matters of pseudoscience, even its most enthusiastic adherents have their suspicions. “I still am a skeptic myself,” Los Angeles–based numerology expert Josh Siegel tells ELLE DECOR. “I believe it’s simply a matter of synchronicity [rather than choosing an address based on a number], the numbers reflecting where you are in your life at that moment.”

But, he adds, “I have more than enough cases over the years of people experiencing certain number sequences at important junctures in their life, even the most skeptically minded.”

What about you? Whether you’ve fully subscribed to the notion—willing to give up that dream home with an inauspicious two in it—or are merely looking for a fun new way to think about your home, we brought in numeral expert Morris to help identify your house’s numerology number and explore what that might reveal about your home. Let’s dive into the digits!

How to Find Your House’s Number

First things first. We begin by determining your house’s number—a single digit between 1 and 9—by adding up all the digits of your street address and tallying those numbers up separately. For example, if you live at 357 Main Street, you’ll take your address number and add the digits together (it would be 3+5+7=15). If you get a double digit number as a result, add again (1+5=6). Your house number is 6.

But of course, your address might not be that straight-forward. If you live on a street named for a number, ignore it. For example, if your address is 300 West 5th Avenue, ignore the street (5th Avenue) and add up the address number only (the 300 adds up to 3). If you live in an apartment, use your unit number rather than the street address as it’s the most unique number for your space. For example, if you live at 1200 Park Avenue, Apt 30, add up only the unit number (the 30 adds to 3). If you have letters in your address or unit number, add it up! Maybe your street number or apartment unit contains a letter—like 2F—you’ll want to add the letter along with the numbers, using the numeric equivalent of that letter (a=1, b=2, etc.). For example, apartment 2F corresponds to 2+6(for F) for a numerology number of 8.

Now that you have your home’s number, let’s delve into what that means for you.

1: Independence, Inventiveness, New Beginnings

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Elle Decor

The number one house holds great energy for anyone beginning something new, Morris says. It’s perfect for a newly married couple or anyone starting a new business, relationship, or new life chapter. “It is a great house in which to express one’s individuality and leadership skills in the world,” Morris says, adding that in this house, one can focus on number one—you. “Of course, too much of anything is never good. So those living in a one house should be careful about not being too stubborn, domineering, or selfish,” she adds.

Other characteristics of a one house include being creative, original, and inventive. “It would be a great vibration for an office or home office for a creative entrepreneur coming up with new ideas and inventions,” Morris adds. “That being said, unless working in a group setting, feelings of isolation could set in.”

2: Harmony, Sentimentality, Affection

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While a one house is great for individuation, numerologists believe that a two house is built for belonging. Whether it’s business partners, lovers, or roommates who are good friends, numerology dictates that two house inhabitants are bound to be more agreeable and understanding as their environment will help them learn from each other. It makes a great office space or storefront for a business owned by business partners learning to work together.

“The energy of harmony and a yin-yang balance [a Chinese philosophical concept that describes opposite but interconnected forces] is the predominant energy of a two house,” Morris explains. “The home is bound to have a peaceful and harmonic balance.”

Morris cautions house two occupants to keep an open dialogue with their live-in cohorts. “The primary challenge with a two house is the tendency to become too sensitive to the other partner to the point where they end up not speaking their mind or sharing their opinion.”

As for single occupants moving into this partnership-driven space, fear not. The home is also said to attract a partner for the occupant with no one in tow. Who needs all these modern-day dating apps when you live at 110 Lovers Drive?

3: Creative, Entertaining, Fun

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Elle Decor

The three abode is just a really good time. While the number two finds harmony and balance, its sequential neighbor is associated with creativity. Known for its fun, extroverted energy, numerologists hold that this home is a good place for artists, musicians, writers, or anyone else in a creative field. But it’s also a great environment for social gatherings and bringing in interesting people.

“Three represents expression, expansion, passion, enthusiasm, extroversion, sexual energy, fun, and optimism,” Morris explains. “It will have a positive energy and allow its occupants plenty of self-expression, literally in the home and also in the world. This is a great house for someone who wants to become more social, meet interesting people, and be visible.”

This would be a great space for a party planner or events coordinator, though might not be ideal for someone who does introverted work like a writer or a bookkeeper. “I have also come across yoga studios in a three space,” Morris adds. “It is complementary with the trinity balance of mind, body, spirit, but more conducive to the fiery nature of hot yoga than relaxing yoga or meditation.”

Of course, no house comes without its troubles. A three house, Morris warns, can be so much fun that not much work gets done. Spending too much money could also become an issue.

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4: Productive, Grounded, Stable

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Maybe the party three house has left you feeling a bit scattered. Moving to a four house might be just what the doctor ordered. According to Morris, the number four has a grounded, stable energy that, in a house, can be a solid foundation on which to build a life.

“A four house will also have the energy of Mother Earth and be very grounding for its occupants,” Morris explains. “It is therefore a great space for someone who tends to be ungrounded, flighty, or has a hard time working on the physical plane. It can help with manifesting ideas into reality.” It is a great home or office space to start a new business or relationship as it emanates organized and productive vibrations, Morris notes.

However, a four house is one that can be all work and no play. “It is important for the occupants to consciously build in playtime and avoid overworking themselves,” Morris says.

5: Adventure, Travel, Change

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A house that stimulates movement and activity, a number five embodies activity, change, travel, and adventure. “Five is the most energetic of all the numbers,” Morris explains. “When I see the numbers 555 together, for example on a digital clock, it is an indication to me that change is coming into my life and/or globally on the planet.”

Morris says that her own experience, growing up in number five houses, fit the bill. “My mother, who set the tone for the family, has lots of energy,” she says. “Growing up, there was constant activity and lots of travel. This is the telltale sign of a five space. It can be like Grand Central Station with people coming and going.”

This home also holds the energy of knowledge, communication, and writing, particularly regarding travel, other cultures, or new and interesting ideas. While the high energy of a five space can cause an unsettled feeling and also create a tendency to move through life too quickly, Morris advises five inhabitants to consciously work to enjoy the present moment while life sweeps you away on what is sure to be a grand adventure.

6: Love, Harmony, Togetherness

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Elle Decor

A six house is truly one with heart. An ideal home to raise a family in, you will often see a six house filled with children, Morris says. “The number six holds the vibration of love, service, compassion, creativity, and artistry,” she adds. “This energy will be apparent in everything its inhabitants do from the arts to social responsibility.”

On the social scene, while wild raucous parties take place in a five house, the six house will host the intimate dinner party with friends with shared stories and artfully prepared food. A six home is perfect for someone who wants to be more in touch with passions in life. Embrace this house’s nurturing energy by filling it with comfortable furniture and lots of plants.

The biggest dilemma of a six home? Inhabitants love their home so much that they might become reclusive, Morris explains. Another issue is that the home can be so heart oriented that it may be a inhibit material success. It would not be complementary to someone whose objective is to make lots of money.

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7: Spiritual, Introspective, Reflective

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The number seven is the most spiritual of all numbers, Morris says. “It appears in the Bible and in many religions and cultures and therefore carries the energy of spirituality, mysticism, philosophy, introspection, and solitude,” she adds.

A seven house is likened to an ashram or sanctuary. It feels very calm, peaceful, relaxing, quiet, zen, and, in some cases, slightly cavelike. It holds the energy of deep, spiritual transformation. “About 80 percent of the time I come across a seven house, it is inhabited by a single woman undergoing an extremely transformative time of life,” Morris says. “Because of its mysticism and inward energy, the seven house is also very conducive to honing one’s intuitive or psychic abilities.” An inhabitant of such a house, then, can often lead a more inward lifestyle with few social connections that are selective, deep friendships. “It is a great space for someone focusing on their spiritual growth,” Morris adds.

Because it is so spirituality based, it can be difficult to operate outside of this sanctuary and is not the best house for an introvert who would benefit from a social life. Morris advises those living in a seven house to make a conscious effort to get out of the house and connect with others.

A seven house can also be complicated for a couple. Because the home is so transformative, a couple will either grow together, thereby bringing them closer, or grow apart. “Of course, the positive side of that is that it will fast-track a relationship in the direction it needs to go,” Morris laughs. For a family or household living in a seven house, religion or spirituality will play an important role in the home.

8: Prosperity, Growth, Abundance

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If you’re looking for wealth or career mobility, the eight house is for you. “There’s a reason it’s the most sought-after home among numerology enthusiasts,” Morris says. “You can never go wrong with an eight house when it comes to financial gain.”

A number eight home supports growth and ambition and abundance in every area of your life, from love to career to wealth and even to fame. “The eight house itself can bring wealth in the real estate market,” Morris explains. “Don’t be surprised to receive public recognition or even fame when living in it.”

Of course, all of this does not come without hard work, which the eight house also supports by way of its vibration of power and leadership, Morris notes. “The issue with the eight house is to not become so caught up in the material world to where one would lose focus on matters of the heart,” she warns.

9: Generosity, Compassion, Community

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Elle Decor

The number nine house draws everyone in. Nine holds the vibration of generosity, giving, loving, wisdom, and compassion, Morris says. The nine house is supportive for ending a phase of life, allowing for a complete release in order to start anew, Morris says. “This is a great house for someone who is wrapping up a major phase of his or her life,” she adds. “I often see clients in a nine house move away to another city or some other transitory time of life. In the case of one client, she rented a nine house following the break-up with her fiancé. In releasing this relationship, she also cleaned up her finances and cleaned out tons of old storage items. She was then able to move on, in fact to a six house, where she had a thriving healing practice giving to others her love and compassion.”

The nine house is also associated with humanitarianism and service. The primary challenge of a nine house is to not let others take advantage of your generosity. It’s important to take care of yourself while saving the world.

Headshot of Rachel Silva
Rachel Silva
Assistant Digital Editor

Rachel Silva, the Assistant Digital Editor at ELLE DECOR, covers design, architecture, trends, and anything to do with haute couture. She has previously written for Time, The Wall Street Journal, and Citywire.

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I’m the Senior Editor of, and you’ll also find me on our sister sites and I own far too many throw pillows, and dream of leaving my Brooklyn rental behind for a home I can wallpaper lavishly. Have a suggestion for the site (or for my dream home’s wallpaper)? I’d love to hear it via Twitter!

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