Estate Property Solutions Services

Estate Property Solutions are here to carry you through the whole process, whether it’s a deceased estate, aged care relocation, clean up and repair or helping declutter your loved ones’ home, we’re here to help. Our sensitive and professional team will see that your job is completed, in a timely and professional manner, taking the stress out of the process for you.

Nothing is too big or small for our team. Whatever needs to happen to get your estate ready for sale or hand back to a landlord, we’re here to help and can manage it all for you. Our experienced team can manage all the existing chattels. Whether that be on-selling big-ticket items, shipping (internationally or nationally), storing, disposing, or donating to a charity of your choice. We can clean and clear an estate, inside and out. Extreme cleaning, small repairs and an overgrown garden are no trouble for us. Not only that, but we can manage any extra repair services that need to be called in. Estate Property Solutions can carry you through the whole process.

Our team not only work with deceased estates, but we also work with families to declutter their homes. A family member could be downsizing to a more manageable flat, retirement village or going into a rest home. We work with families who wish to have their family members continue to have the same great independent quality of life in their own home, need a safer and cleaner home environment, but are no longer fit enough or have the resources to get their estate in order. That’s where we step in and work with the family to clear away the clutter and make their home clean and safe. Our team are experienced and qualified to work with the elderly and those with disabilities and are truly passionate about providing this kind of service to members of the community. Why not call us today to see if we can help. Call 0800 00 11 26.