What's been happening

What's been happening

2nd June 2021

We have been exceptionally busy since our last newsletter. Completing jobs to the North and South of Dunedin alike. Jobs have ranged from doing a basic property check weekly for clients who are based out of town to full property clearance, cleaning, preparing for a sale and ongoing monitoring until the completion of sale.

There’s been a great response to the A5 Booklet, with people contacting us asking for copies as far away as Hampden, Oamaru and Alexandra. Let me know if you’d like a few copies to help out the elderly in your area.

We’ve been contacted by social workers to help elderly who are struggling to cope at home, and while the work can be a slow process and often hard going, it’s hugely rewarding to see their homes decluttered, cleaned and tidy. The improvement to their health and wellbeing is immeasurable, with home help once again feeling safe to visit.

Each job brings its own complexities, it can be weather, maintenance issues, availability of contractors or family issues. We have been fortunate enough to navigate through any issues to the satisfaction of our clients.

So far this year, we have been averaging disposal of approx. 2.5 tonne of rubbish per week along with the safe disposal of paints, chemicals, dangerous goods, tyres and other unsafe items.

We have distributed large quantities of goods to charities and food banks. We have met client requirements for organising the sale of items and have organised distribution and shipping of good to the family as required.

We urge families to ensure their will is up-to-date and very explicit as to what their wishes are and that all the family is made aware of what those wishes are.

Get in touch if you’d like a few copies of the A5 booklet or to discuss any of our services and how we could be helping out.