What is Mental Health and what is its Effects on Physical Health?

Mental Health is how much you are well emotionally, psychologically and socially. It has a great impact on your physical health. After all, your mind controls everything. If your mind is happy, your body will be happy and if your mind is sad then your body will be sad automatically. That’s the reason why losing weight is not challenging physically but it is a challenging mental task that a person can do. Therefore, meal plan companies in Dubai include “cheat day” in diet plans and meal plans to satisfy your mental cravings and make you energetic for boring routine again. The dieticians allow plan-followers to eat their favourite and carb-rich food on cheat day. 

What is the effect of mental health on physical health?

As said above, mental health has a great impact on physical health. People start losing hair or sometimes gaining weight when they are in stress. Many of the people do not eat when they are depressed. These behaviours ultimately result in the deficiency of mineral and then macro-nutrients in the body. It all happens because of hormones.

A human’s body is all about hormones and their excretion. When a person is happy emotionally and satisfied psychologically, there will be optimum levels of happy hormones or oxytocin. Oxytocin elevates moods and lets you observe the world and see what you need actually. It let you know that you hungry and need food whereas sad and depressive times reduce the production of oxytocin due to which you overthink and prefer to safety alone than having lunch with your family. Many of the people eat more when they are depressed to flush out their sadness and distract themselves from overthinking and hopelessness thoughts. Similarly, when a person is hyper or has excessive excretion of oxytocin or dopamine in their blood, they would have an imbalanced diet. They would prefer carb-rich foods over light foods even all the time. 

What can you do keep yourself healthy? 

There are many ways to keep yourself healthy physically and mentally but the best way to keep yourself fit is to concentrate on yourself. Concentrate on your food when you are eating, concentrate on listening when somebody is telling you something. It will help you to eat everything in the desired amount. Secondly, give time to yourself. If you love painting then do it. If you love to sing or walk-in quite grounds then go for it. Thirdly, go to the dietician who gives plans of a healthy diet in Dubai to keep yourself fit. Your food affects your thought patterns. If you eat light food, you will be well emotionally and psychologically and if you eat sugary food then forget that you will be free from anxiety and aggressiveness.