What is psychology?

Psychology is a huge field of science. It is a study of the mind and behavior of the human. Psychology is also the study of functions, motivation, emotion, development and personality of the human.

People should have an honest understanding of psychology, so that they can understand their own feelings and actions moreover as other people’s actions and feelings.

What is a psychologist?

A psychologist is someone who is an expert within the study of mind and behavior. A psychologist treats mental, emotional or behavioral disorders.

Services a psychologist should provide

Before consulting a psychologist, below are some services that a professional psychologist should provide you with.

A good psychologist should be friendly and should be an easy person to talk to. A psychologist should be inspiring and influential. The first and the foremost thing before consulting a psychologist is to make sure that he has the official credentials and training in order to do your therapy perfectly.

  • Patient. A professional psychologist should be patient and calm. They should always listen to the patient with all their concentration. A psychologist should listen to the patient very carefully. They should not get irritated by their patients. The quality of a good psychologist is that he should not try to change the patient right away but lead him gradually towards the step of self-discovery.
  • Problem Solver. The quality of a professional psychologist is that he should be respectful and patient. The psychologist should first listen to the problems of the patient and then come up with such solutions that the patient is pleased and satisfied. At the end of session, the psychologist should guide the patient briefly about the next session.
  • Understanding. A good psychologist should be emphatic. They should be very concerned about the patient. The psychologist should have light tone while talking. His gestures should be such that the patient can share his feelings, emotions and thoughts without any hesitation. They should communicate with the patient in an understanding and accepting manner.

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